This program item allows to edit the options in the file ma90.ini  as there are:


German, English, French or one of the 4 external language files.


between 80% and 150%
Normally this must not be changed, unless you are using a small display with height resolution.


Allow multiple windows or only one.
Start program in a window or in full screen mode.

Printing and Grid Lines

These options correspond to the settings in the local menu ( Coordinate System ) of the function plotter and are listed here to allow to save them permanently.


Only to change if the used fonts are not installed on your PC.


In a local installation, the program is stored in the windows program directory and the data in the data directory of the user.

In a portable installation, for example on a USB stick, program and data are stored in the same directory.
To install MatheAss on a USB stick, just copy the folder C:/Program Files/MatheAss on the stick and set in the file ma90.ini the option Portable=true.


Resetting language, fonts and scaling to the initial values.


The program texts in the currently set language are exported to the clipboard.
How to use it to create your own language version of MatheAss is described on Handling/Translation.


The shield symbol on the button Save indicates that in order to save these options you need write access to the program directory. The program therefore asks for the admin password.