MatheAss 9.0Handling

The Data Files

The DEMO.DAT  file

It is installed together with the program in the program directory and copied to the MatheAss User AppData directory when the program is started for the first time. It contains exemplary input data for each program point.
In order to try out the currently open program item, the appropriate demo data can be loaded with the button   or   in the toolbar.

You can also edit the demo data by writing the changes to the DEMO.DAT  file with the Save button . To restore the file to its original state, simply delete it. It will then be copied from the program directory the next time the program is started.

Own Sample Data Files

To save files with your own sample data with  , select the file extension dat  so that they are displayed when you try to open them later with  . For example Polynomfunction1.dat, Polynomfunction2.dat, etc. . Sample data from several program points can be saved in one file, but only one example per program point.

The MEMORY.DAT  file

When leaving a program point, the input data are automatically written to the MEMORY.DAT  file and reloaded the next time this program point is called.

If you want to enter new data, you can also delete all input fields with the New button   or the menu item File/New.

The memory function can be deactivated in the program item File/Options .

The Data Directory

All data files are stored in the directory  C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\MatheAss 9.0 . So every user can maintain and delete his own data files. To make the directory easier to access, in the section  Directories  in  File/Options  the title of the data directory is provided with a corresponding link to the Windows Explorer.