MatheAss 9.0Handling

Coordinate System

In those program parts that output two-dimensional graphics, a window with the following tabs can be opened via the Coordinate system button   in the toolbar or via the Settings button   to the right of the graphic:


Range in x- or y-direction
Scaling of the x- or y-axis linear or logarithmic

Angle measurement for trigonometric functions

DEG (degree), RAD (radian) or GON (gradian)

Grid lines:

Line type (Lines, Dot lines, Points, None)
Grid spacing in x- and y-direction
In the basic setting dx=0 and dy=0, the grid spacing is automatically adjusted.
Colors of the grid lines, the canvas, the fonts etc.


The Accuracy/Resolution of the diagrams.
Scaling of the printout in b/w or color.
Color and line width of the diagrams.