MatheAss 9.0Handling

Coordinate System

In those parts of the program that output two-dimensional graphics, the Coordinate system button   in the toolbar or the Settings button   to the right of the graphic can open a window with the following tabs:

Range in x or y direction
Linear or logarithmic scaling of the x or y axis
Angle measurement for trigonometric functions
DEG (degree), RAD (radian) or GON (gradient)
Grid lines:
Line type (lines, dotted lines, points, none)
Grid spacing in x and y direction
In the default setting dx=0 and dy=0, the grid spacing is automatically adjusted.
Colors of the grid lines, canvas, fonts etc.
The resolution at which the curves are drawn.
The scale of the printout as well as printing in color or b/w.
The colors and line widths of the curves. Their number depends on the chosen program item.

Tip: You can hide parts of the graphic by entering "0" as the line width.
The settings changed here apply to all parts of the program with 2D graphics during a session. After a restart, all of them are reset to the values defined in the menu item File/Options.