Translation of the program texts

Structure of the language files:

In  MatheAss  you can switch between several languages. German, English and French are firmly integrated in the program. Other languages ​​are stored in external language files and can be changed there.


The language files have the format of INI files, that is, they contain key-value pairs and are divided into sections. The ITool  section in the example on the left contains the information from the toolbar in the Italian language file italiano.txt .
The names of the sections are abbreviations of the relevant program sections with a preceding capital I.

Create your own language files:

The easiest way to create your own language file is to use an existing language file as a template and edit it.

In the program item File/Options  you have the option of exporting the program texts of the selected language to the clipboard. From there you can import them into a text editor with Ctrl V  and edit them.

Alternatively, you can of course also import the texts directly into a translation program or a corresponding online tool and have them translated into the desired language.

Correct automatically translated language files:

Formal errors:
The prefix I in the sector identifier makes it relatively certain that it will not be changed during translation. It is still better to double-check. The same applies to the line format with the key number and the equal sign at the beginning of the line.
Content errors:
When it comes to mathematical terms, automatic translations quickly reach their limits. However, it is easy for a native speaker to recognize and correct them. With the free translation assistant for MatheAss 9.0 (TA90.EXE) you can edit the texts section by section without losing the overview.

Integrate a language file in MatheAss:

In order to integrate a new language file in MatheAss , save this file with the ending txt in the MatheAss program directory. Select the name of the language as the file name and enter it in the ma90.ini  file.

At the next start, MatheAss  will offer the new language at the bottom right. If you also want the appropriate flag to be displayed, save a corresponding image file with the same name and the ending bmp in the format 30x20 pixels in the MatheAss directory.

Tip: To edit the ma90.ini  file, open the editor by holding down the Shift and Ctrl keys at the same time. This gives the editor write access to the program directory.