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Series expansion

Plotter for functions given as a series Σ ƒ(x, k). The expansions in a series can be compared with different parameter ranges. They can be shifted in y-direction for easier distinction.

For k and positive integer terms of k you can use the function fac(k) to calculate the factorial which is often used in series expansions.


is a series expansion of the sine function.

ƒ(x,k) = x^(2*k-1)/fac(2*k-1)*(-1)^(k+1)

ƒ1: k from 1 to 4     shifted by   dy = 2
ƒ2: k from 1 to 8     shifted by   dy = 1
ƒ3: k from 1 to 16   shifted by   dy = 0

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