MatheAss 9.0Handling

Settings of 2D Graphics

The graphic can be moved by dragging t with the left mouse button. The mouse pointer has the shape of a hand .
All two-dimensional coordinate systems can be zoomed using the mouse wheel.
In addition, you can zoom separately in the x or y direction by dragging and holding down the left and right mouse button simultaneously. The mouse pointer has the shape .
The coordinates of the mouse pointer are displayed at the bottom right. If you move the mouse while holding down the right mouse button, the mouse pointer changes to a crosshair and can be positioned more precisely.
On a laptop without a mouse, dragging with the left mouse button (pan) or the right mouse button (measure) is replaced by corresponding gestures on the touchpad. Zooming with the mouse wheel is replaced by dragging with two fingers. Since dragging with both mouse buttons is usually not detected, you can use the left mouse button together with the Shift key to zoom in the x or y direction.
Aspect Ratio
The Aspect 1:1  button unifies the scaling in both directions.
The Center  button centers the coordinate system.
The Settings button opens the Coordinate System window.
In contrast to the File/Options menu item, the settings apply only to the currently open window.
Saving Graphics
The Snapshot  button  on the toolbar copies the graphic to the clipboard. From there it can be loaded and modified by any graphics program. It can also be pasted into a Word document.
Printing Graphics
The Print  button   on the toolbar prints all results of the active window, including the graphics.
To print the graphic separately, copy it to the clipboard and load it from there with a graphics program.