MatheAss 9.0Handling

Graphics 2D

Adjusting the Coordinate Systems:

All two-dimensional coordinate systems can be zoomed with the mouse wheel. In addition, the local menu offers a zoom function that can be used to zoom separately in the x or y direction.
By clicking the canvas with the right mouse button, a popup menu opens. In it you may choose between panning  and zooming . You can also switch between the two modes by double-clicking in the drawing area. The mouse pointer shows which mode is active.

In panning mode the graphic can be dragged with the left mouse button.

In zooming mode the graphic can be magnified in x- and y-direction by dragging with the left mouse button.

With the Aspect 1 : 1  option scaling in both direction can be adjusted.

The item options  opens the window Coordinate System which can also be accessed by the corresponding button at the tool bar.

Saving Graphics

The button Snapshot   at the tool bar copies the graphic to the clipboard. From there it can be loaded and modified by any graphics program. In the same way it can be included in a word document.

Printing Graphics

The button Print   at the tool bar prints all results of the active window, including the graphics.

To print the graphic seperately, copy it to the clipboard and load it in your graphics program.