MatheAss 9.0Handling

Supported Functions

The function terms may include the operation signs + - * / ^ ( ) and the following functions:

sqr(x) or sqrt(x)for the square root √x  
abs(x) the absolute value |x|
int(x) the Gaussian parenthesis [x]
sgn(x) the signe function ( -1 for x<0, 0 for x=0, 1 for x>0 )
exp(x), exthe natural exponential function
ln(x), log(x) logarithms to base e and 10
sin(x), cos(x),
tan(x), cot(x)
the trigonometric functions
always with paranthesis !!!
asin(x), acos(x),
the arcus functions of sin, cos and tan
sinh(x), cosh(x),
sinus, cosinus and tangens hyperbolicus
fac(n) = 1·2·...·n the factorial of a natural number n

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