MatheAss 9.0Geometry 2D

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Mappings of Polygons

The program allows the following mappings or a chain of them to be applied to an polygon.

Entering the polygon:

Use the TAB or Shift TAB to move in the table of coordinates. The enter key completes the entry of the coordinates. With the button on the toolbar you load the data of a sample demo.

Definition of the mappings

Select the tab of the desired mapping and enter the required parameters.

With insert  the mapping and parameters are entered in the list of mappings, with cut  it is removed again.

Editing the mapping list

A mouse click in the mapping list marks a line. A mouse click in the blank area after the last mapping removes the marking.

Removes the selected mapping from the list and copies the parameters into the appropriate input mask. There the parameters can be edited and reinserted at any point.
Copies the parameters into the appropriate input mask without removing the mapping from the list.
Overwrites the marked line with the parameters from the input mask.
Inserts a new mapping with the parameters from the input mask before the marked line.

If no line is selected, Cut , Copy  and Replace  refer to the mapping in the last line.
With Insert  the new mapping is added after the last line.