MatheAss 9.0Handling

The Main Menu

The main menu consists of the following submenus:


New, Open, Save and Print correspond to the buttons ,, and in the toolbar.
Close  closes the active program window.
Registration  is used to enter the registration data (license data). For this you need write permissions in the program directory, which means you have to start the program as administrator.
Options  is used to edit the entries in the file matheass.ini.

Algebra, Geometry 2D, Geometry 3D, Analysis, Stochastic and Linear Algebra:

They contain the individual program items with which the tasks from the respective sub-area of mathematics are solved.


Allows to arrange the program windows if more than one is opened.


Content  opens the main menu of this help file.
Registration  is listed here a second time to make it easier to find.
Info  shows the version number, the Copyright and the licensee.