MatheAss 9.0 Introduction


the registration fee amounts :

29 Euro   for private users
79 Euro   for schools, companies and other institutions

the update fee from version 7, 8.0 or 8.2 amounts :

10 Euro   for private users
30 Euro   for schools, companies and other institutions

payable to:

Bernd Schultheiß
Hufschmiedstr. 3

D-69168 Wiesloch

by PayPal  on my Homepage

Upon payment of the registration fee you will receive your personal series number.

With it you may convert the shareware version into a full version lacking the shareware screen.

Enter your data (name, adress, serial number) on the registration screen or in the menu File/Registration. The program calculates your serial number from name and adress and compares it with the entered serial number. If the two match, you will receive the message "Registration successfully completed", otherwise the message "Address does not match the serial number".

Schools receive an invoice for the school authority after a written order.