MatheAss 9.0Analysis

Parametric Curves

This program can be used to plot curves that are not determined by an explicit function term, but by two functions for the horizontal and vertical direction.


1. The Circle

    x(k) = sin(k)

    y(k) = cos(k)

    k from -Pi to Pi

2. The Spirale

    x(k) = k/8*sin(k)

    y(k) = k/8*cos(k)

    k from 0 to 20

3. The Lissajou figures

    x(k) = sin(3*k)

    y(k) = cos(5*k)

    k from -Pi to Pi

Lissajou figures are obtained when two a-c voltages with different frequencies are applied to an oscilloscope.

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