MatheAss 9.0Analysis

Function Plotter

Up to ten functions can be plotted in one coordinate system at one time. You may also use combinations or derivations of already defined functions.

Possible combinations:

If   ƒ1(x) = sin(x)  and  ƒ2(x) = 3*sqr(x), then 

ƒ3(x) = 2*y1^2-y2   substitudes    ƒ3(x) = 2*sin(x)^2-3*sqr(x)
ƒ4(x) = f2(y1)         substitudes     ƒ4(x) = 3*sqr(sin(x))
ƒ5(x) = y2'              substitudes     ƒ5(x) = 3/(2*sqr(x))

By double clicking with the left mouse button you may switch between panning and zooming, detectable at the mouse cursor. A right mouse click opens a popup menu which allows to set further options.


I chose this example because there were a surprising number of inquiries as to why the lower half of the horizontal parabola is not displayed for the root function. The example shows that the lower half belongs to a different function.
The curves can be switched on and off individually with the switches on the right.

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