MatheAss 9.0Geometry 2D

Triangles by three Elements

Triangles are determined by three exterior magnitudes (sides or angles) if one of the following congruencies are complied.:

Enter three exterior magnitudes (sides or angles), then the program computes the sides, the angles, the altitudes, the medians and the bisectors of the angles, the circumference and the area as well as the centers and radiuses of the inscribed and the circumscribed circle of the triangle.

In addition the program draws the triangle with its inscribed and circumscribed circles.

If you enter two sides and the angle opposite of the shorter side, you get two solutions if they exist.


Given:  a=6, b=4 and α=60°

   Vertices : A(1|1)         B(7,899|1)     C(3|4,4641)    
      Sides : 6                  4                    6,89898        
    Angles : 60°               35,2644°       84,7356°       
 Altitudes : 3,98313       5,97469         3,4641         
 Medians : 4,77472       6,148             3,75513        
   Bisectr. : 4,38551       6,11664         3,5464         

Circumcir.: M(4,44949|1,31784)       ru = 3,4641
    Incircle : O(3,44949|2,41421)       r i = 1,41421

       Area : A = 11,9494   Perimeter : u = 16,899

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