Calculation with big integers

1 267 650 600 228 229 401 496 703 205 376  div  1 125 899 906 842 624  
 =  1 125 899 906 842 624  remainder  0
 =  1,13 · 10^15  remainder  0

nCr(100,50)  =  100 891 344 545 564 193 334 812 497 256 = 1,01 · 10^29                                         


The inputs for  a  and  b  are big integers with a maximum of 10,000 digits. The checkbox   can be used to set whether the digits should be grouped in blocks of three. Thousands separator is a thin space.
The inputs for  n  and  k  are non-negative integers less than 109.

The checkbox  can be used to set whether an approximation in scientific notation should also be output for very large numbers. MatheAss uses a comma instead of a decimal point.

Basic arithmetic

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with remainder of two big integers  a  and  b  with a maximum of 10,000 digits can be carried out. If the result is more than 10,000 digits, the *** OVERFLOW *** error message is displayed.


The names for the tasks from combinatorics correspond to those on scientific pocket calculators.
The entries can have up to 9 digits, the results up to 10,000 digits.

  Combinations (unordered) without repetitions:     nCr(n,k) =  

Variations (ordered) without repetitions:     nPr(n,k) =

Combinations with repetitions. Instead of   nk ,  an  was chosen because Big Integers are allowed as the basis.

Permutations, i.e. variations with n = k.

You can also specify a start value, an end value, and an increment for  n  and  k  to create a table with multiple values.


  Copies the result of the last task to a.

  Copies the result of the last task to b.

  Copy the remainder of the last division to b.

  Swaps the inputs of a and b.


  Clears the entries.

  Deletes the last task.

  Clears all tasks.

Chain calculations

The operation selected below can be repeated with the button.
The results are copied to  a.
This allows chain calculations of the form  a · b · ... · b  to be carried out.

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