Syntax Rules

Notation of numbers

Fixpoint notation with decimal point : 1000.5 for "thousand point 5"

Floating point notation : 1.2e3 for 1.2·10³

The number π = 3.1415926535898  may be entered as pi .

Arithmetic signs

+   Addition   *   Multiplication   ^  Raise to power
-   Subtraction   /   Division  ( )  Brackets

The usual rules of hierarchy are valid.

Notation of Terms

Fractions are written in one line. The numerator and denominator are bound by parenthesis if necessary.

graphicis notified as f(x) = (3*x+4)/(x-1)

Use the caret sign  ^  to write exponents.

graphic is notified as f(x) = x^2 - 5*x+1

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Supported Functions