The graph

The measurement points are drawn in the diagram in red, the curve of the logistic function in blue, the saturation limit and the inflection point of the curve in green.

The area is selected so that the main course of the curve is displayed. However, you can move or zoom the diagram as required.

  German Corona data March-April, S=56 Mio, Dark number=100.

On the diagram you can see from the mouse pointer whether you are in zoom mode or in shift mode .
You can switch between the two modes by double-clicking on the diagram.

When zooming , the distance between the inflection point label and the curve also changes. You can easily correct this by simply switching to the Results tab and back again.

By double-clicking on the legend on the right, you can reset the drawing area to the original setting at any time.

The local menu of the diagram (right mouse click) offers the following options:

With Copy  the diagram is copied to the clipboard and can be loaded into your graphics program from there.
With Print  a report is printed including the results and the graphic.

With large values, the scaling changes to the scientific number format. The following applies: 4.0E+07 = 4.0·107 = 40,000,000.