MatheAss 9.0Algebra

Fractions to Decimals

Any common fraction can be represented as a decimal fraction. If a series of digits in the decimal fraction is repeated ad infinitum it is called a repeating decimal. The repeating series of digits is marked by the above line.

The program converts common fractions into terminating or repeating decimal fractions and determines the repeating decimal as well as the length of the period after you enter the numerator and the denominator of the fraction.


 533/444 = 1.20045 
Repeating from the 3th decimal digit.
The length of the period is  3 digits.

If the representation of a decimal fraction exceeds one line three dots mark its termination.

13/110110 = 0.000118063754427390791027154663518299881936...

Repeating from the 2nd decimal digit.
The length of the period is 66 digits.
 13/111101 = 0.0001170106479689651758310006210565161429690101799263...
 after 1000 decimals not repeating.