MatheAss 9.0Introduction

What is MatheAss ?

The MatheAss program contains a comprehensive collection of routines that can be used to solve many school mathematics problems without having to learn complicated commands.

It is NOT a math tutor BUT a Mathematics Assistant for teachers, students and anyone who is faced with mathematical problems. Of course, this does not prevent students who check their homework with MatheAss from improving their knowledge.

MatheAss is not a substitute for mathematics lessons, but it can significantly increase the students' interest in mathematics and motivate them to practice independently. It has therefore proved to be a valuable addition to "home schooling".

In German MatheAss is also a nickname for someone who is an ace in Mathematics. So the title sounds much better than in English ;-)

All the algorithms used have been collected over the years and used to build this program. If a certain type of problem is missing or if you know other interesting algorithms, I would be pleased to receive a note. Email:

The program is continuously being revised and extended, and each registered user may be offered the latest version for a small update fee as soon as substantial changes have been made. The latest version can always be found on my homepage