Install and uninstall

Local installation

The installation file ma82_setup.exe will install the program locally, which means the program and all associated files will be copied in the directory C:\programs\MatheAss 8.2.

It will add a link to the start menu and create an icon on the desktop. The file DEMO.DAT and the users data are stored for each user in its own folder AppData\Local\MatheAss and can be changed. The registration data however are stored in the program directory, and can only be changed as administrator.

Portable installation

To install MatheAss portable, e.g. on a USB flash drive, just copy the whole directory C:\programs\Matheass 8.2 on the stick and set in the file ma82.ini the option portable=true. Now all data are stored in the same directory, for which you need write permission.


To remove a local installation of the program, run the file unins000.exe in C:\programs\MatheAss 8.2. It will remove the whole program directory as well as the shortcuts in the start menu and on the desktop.